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Editorial Board

Vol. 70, No. 4

To maintain the quality of the Philalethes journal, the Society’s Executive Committee has appointed an Editorial Board consisting of highly qualified Masonic scholars and leaders.

Shawn Eyer, Editor

Shawn Eyer P∴M∴ is a writer on Masonic symbolism, history, ritual and philosophy. Brother Eyer is a Past Master of Academia Lodge № 847 in California, amd Junior Warden of The Lodge of the Nine Muses № 1776 in the District of Columbia. He holds a Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology, and a dual Baccalaureate degree in Psychology and Religious Studies.

To submit material for publication in Philalethes, contact Bro∴ Eyer If you do not currently receive the journal, please see our sample articles to become familiar with our format and style. All articles must include references where appropriate.

Editorial Advisory Board

The board advises the editor as appropriate regarding the quality and content of the Society’s publications. It consists of individuals with strong qualifications in Masonic research and publishing.

Board Members
Richard Fletcher FPS
Former Executive Director, The Masonic Service Association of North America
George Braatz, MPS Past Grand Master of Ohio
Executive Director, The Masonic Service Association of North America
Thomas W. Jackson, FPS Past Grand Secretary of Pennsylvania
Christopher Murphy, MPS
Paul Rich, MPS Fellow, The Hoover Institute, Stanford University
President, Policy Studies Organization