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If you have an ereader such as the Nook from Barnes & Noble or Kobo, then you can read our standard epub magazine just like any other ebook. However, if you have an Kindle, make sure to download the mobi-formatted magazine.

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Both iOS and Android devices have a number of great ereader programs available. Below are a few that we recommend.

For Android Devices

Kobo Books

Developed by the same company that makes the Kobo Ereaders, this application tracks reading statistics and has social media integration. It has a simple interface and it's free.

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Aldiko Book Reader

This is a full-featured ereader application with support for many ebook formats. It looks great on both smartphones and tablets. As an added bonus, it supports ebooks checked out from public libraries.

The basic version is free. A premium version with a few extra features costs just a few dollars.

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For iOS Devices (iPhones and iPads)

Kobo Books

This excellent application is also available for your iPhone or iPad.


The Nook program for iOS requires you to have a Barnes & Noble account. However, it comes with a handful of free ebooks and can read EPUB files without a problem.

Reading Ebooks on Your Computer Using Adobe Digital Editions

If you don't have an ereader, tablet, or smartphone, don't worry: You can still read the Philalethes E-Bulletin. All you need to do is download and install Adobe Digital Editions, an ebook viewer and manager. To install, follow this link.

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